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David Engelhardt
created an issue

Running fastlane in Pipelines, and fastlane's get_version_number uses Apple's agvtool to get the current version # from iTunes Connect.

It's failing because it cannot find agvtool on the Pipeline machines.

I get this error:

Exit status of command 'cd /opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build && agvtool what-marketing-version -terse' was 127 instead of 0.
sh: 1: agvtool: not found

How do I make sure this is added? I've already included gem "xcode-install" in my gemfile.


source ""

gem "fastlane"
gem "cocoapods"
gem "badge"
gem "xcode-install"

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    Pipelines currently only runs Linux containers, so I'm pretty sure you can't install Xcode or any other Mac dev tools in Pipelines.

    Our issue to support native Mac builds (required for building iOS and macOS apps) is #13719. Please watch that ticket to stay updated. (And hassle Apple using whatever means you have available to make their tooling more amenable to CI/CD automation, especially with Docker.)

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