my repo says: remote: abort: abandoned transaction found!

Issue #15324 closed
Cameron Simpson
created an issue

Here's a transcript from my terminal:

hg push --new-branch -r tip ssh:// pushing to ssh:// searching for changes remote: abort: abandoned transaction found! remote: (run 'hg recover' to clean up transaction) abort: stream ended unexpectedly (got 0 bytes, expected 4)

Please repair this. It would be useful if we could repair this kind of thing ourselves.

Thanks, Cameron Simpson

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  1. Sean McCullough staff


    This issue tracker is for the reporting of specific bugs and feature requests for Bitbucket Cloud. For issues such as this, we recommend reporting this issue to our support team. For Bitbucket Cloud Support, please visit and raise an issue there. When reporting, please be sure to include any error codes that may have been displayed on the screen, or in the response.

    We're going to close this issue as invalid for now. Should support determine that this is a new bug, they will open the issue and direct you there.

    Cheers, Sean

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