Set default reviewers based on branch pattern

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chirayushah1 NA
created an issue

I want to set up the different reviewer groups using the branch pattern. This is the link I am following - I do not see the add default reviewers dialogue window available on my current repositories. I have reached out to the support and here is what they responded with....

This is what Atlassian support relayed to me "The documentation that you're referring is for our Bitbucket Server(Self-hosted) product instead of Bitbucket Cloud( Nonetheless, if you wish to have this feature implemented in Bitbucket, you can submit a feature request here:"

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  1. shijialee NA

    I would love to have this feature.

    Whenever a new member join or leave the team, We have to go through each repo to add team member as the default reviewer.

    It's best to handle this in a central location.

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