REST API 2.0 to get raw content of an individual file on fails in case of slash in the branch name.

Issue #15358 open
Nikolas Falco created an issue

I'm using Jenkins as CI. Every build it get the content of Jenkinsfile (similar to .travis.yml file) from the branch to be build.

We are also using git flow so all our branches are named feature/123 release/1.0 etc etc. With the old version 1.0 of REST API works like a sharm

but the Jenkins plugin for bitbucket has migrate to the newer version 2.0 and it fails with a 404

I had also try without encoding the slash in the branch name, I got same issue

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  1. Kevin Horst

    This should be quickly fixed because Atlassian propagates git-flow and the structure of the branches corresponds to this.

  2. Mohammed Davoodi

    With Atlassian forcing us to migrate to the 2.0 API, we no longer have a way to get around this bug. Our marketplace app no longer works because of this bug. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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