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Игорь Пашев
created an issue

Hello, guys.

There are three state of a build: FAILED, INPROGRESS, SUCCESSFUL.

I believe this is not sufficient when some CI system is aware of the pull request, but haven't started building it. Thus the PENDING state would be appropriate.

The point is we can't report INPROGRESS when the build isn't in fact in progress, yet not reporting anything is also not perfect because we don't know whether our CI is working.

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff
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    Hi Igor,

    Thanks for your submission. I have a question: if the CI system is aware of the pull request and intends to build it, why can't it post an INPROGRESS status? They are essentially the same status in that regard.


  2. Игорь Пашев reporter

    It is for better granularity. I think it is not fair to report a build is in progress while it is in a queue and may be removed from it.

    Speaking of Jenkins there are two events: build is triggered (put in queue) and build is started. INPROGRESS is good for the latter, while PENDING would be great for the former.

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Hi Igor,

    I think that it's unlikely we'll add this in the next few quarters, as we are pretty happy with the current state of build statuses and are instead focusing on improving the PR user experience itself.


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