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Issue #15430 resolved
Daniel Kenji Toyama
created an issue

In the article "Publishing a Website on Bitbucket Cloud" there's a bad paragraph:

Each page will be cacached for 15 minutes. This means your changes wont be visibile immediately. You can manually refesh each page in your brower to see the latest version.

The author probably wanted:

s/cacached/cached/ s/visibile/visible/ s/refesh/refresh/ s/wont/won't/

The affected URL is https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/publishing-a-website-on-bitbucket-cloud-221449776.html

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  1. Daniel Kenji Toyama reporter

    Hi Lucas, the mobile version only shows "Was this helpful? Yes/No". It doesn't show "Provide feedback about this article". This could be a separate bug.

    Here's the screenshot using Chrome's Developer Tools.


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