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Sahin Kazimov created an issue

I'm faced with a problem, bitbucket api does not provide the ability to save modified files between any two commits in zip. and your help center adviced me to create issue.I think this will be the right addition to your api.Respect!

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff
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    Hi y'all,

    Interesting suggestion! Can you explain why this would be useful?


  2. Sahin Kazimov reporter


    I have software on the server corresponding to some version, and I want to update this soft to a new version which in bitbucket, what I'm doing, I send the key of the old version of the commit and the key of the new version of the commit, and api must return me the modified files in zip, I'll unzip it and replace the changed files. Now it is possible to download the entire project corresponding to the lat commit, then with api I find a list of all the changed files between 2 commits, and then I replace the changed files with the old ones. The whole project to download spends a lot of resources and time, so my offer will be very useful


  3. Sahin Kazimov reporter

    I want something like this "git archive -o ../ latest_commit $(git diff --name-only early_commit latest_commit )"

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