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James Reynolds
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There are two issues described below; however, I suspect they have the same root cause so I'm lumping them in here.

These may also be symptoms of 6705, if so I'll incorporate these evidence points into that ticket.

Issue #1:

We use bookmarks to track tickets individually as a part of our development process.

For example, if an issue is created BKSTG-1234, a bookmark is created called BKSTG-1234.

Bitbucket only seems to be vaguely aware of bookmarks, leading to some buggy behavior.

For example, let's say we have two tickets:




And let's say that the work in BKSTG-1234 is also a part of BKSTG-1235 (but not vice versa).

If BKSTG-1234 is approved through the QA process and therefor "Ready for Merge", in bitbucket the "Merge" button will be instead be shown as "Superseded".

For additional information, we cut all bookmarks off a branch called development and they get eventually merged to default once approved through the QA cycle.

It seems Bitbucket is tracking a Head, not the bookmark. What we really need is for bitbucket to track the bookmark.

Issue #2.

We created a command line to create a Bitbucket PR based on the users active bookmark.

However, bitbucket's API isn't "bookmark aware", which leads us to do something like:

body = { 'title': title, 'close_source_branch': False, 'state': 'OPEN', 'summary': { 'raw': description, }, 'source': { 'branch': {'name': 'development'}, 'commit': {'hash': get_bm_hash(bookmark)} }, 'destination': { 'branch': {'name': destination} } }

Note the "get_bm_hash" function. Really, this should just point to a bookmark name ideally.

What we are looking for:

Bitbucket should be bookmark aware. Pull requests should track bookmarks, not heads or hashes.

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