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Issue #1550 resolved

FogBugz Service not working with FogBug7 OnDemand (BB-745)

created an issue

I added the FogBugz service using the Admin tap on my repository. The CVSSubmit url looks like https://myaccount.fogbugz.com.

No changesets that are pushed to my repo on bitbucket add links to FogBugz.

I tested FogBugz to make sure it was working by creating a local repo on my machine with the attached python script (provided from FogBugz) in the hgext folder.

When changesets are pushed to the local repo, the links are added to the FogBugz OnDemand system. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the bitbucket FogBugz service and not FogBugz OnDemand.

The necessary Mercurial settings for the local repo (hgrc file) follow:

[extensions] hgext.fogbugz= [hooks] incoming=python:hgext.fogbugz.hook [fogbugz] host=https://myaccount.fogbugz.com [web] baseurl=http://bitbucket.org/myaccount/webfactory-dev

Comments (16)

  1. underbjerg

    I have the same issue. The FogBugz integration on my Bitbucket Mercurial repo isn't working. Committing to the repo shows up on Bitbucket, but not on the hosted FogBugz site.

  2. Bryan Lockwood

    Working with Jesper in IRC we discovered the following:

    1. When you setup the service here @ bitbucket, use 'https://youraccount.fogbugz.com/cvsSubmit.asp' as your CVSSubmit URL. Should look like this: http://h.imagehost.org/0027/bbsetup.png
    2. After a commit and push to bitbucket, FogBugz will show the commit in the case, like this: http://h.imagehost.org/0085/checkin.png
    3. If you click the checkin link highlighted in the above screenshot, you see this: http://h.imagehost.org/0873/checkin2.png
    4. But neither of the links in the above screenshot work. They simply open the same Fogbugz case in another tab.
    5. On the FogBugz side of things, there appears to be nothing to setup. The directions are at http://www.fogcreek.com/FogBugz/docs/70/topics/sourcecontrol/setup/Mercurial.html - but following them simply leads you to a page saying to download a script and install it in .hg directory. Here's a screenshot of that page: http://h.imagehost.org/0411/fb.png

    So now I do see checkins, and the changeset identifier. But the links (from the FogBugz case) are no good.

    This is progress, though - at least now I do see that a commit happened.

  3. Anonymous

    Fog Creek provides another method, using their provided fogbugz.py on your local machine hooked into Mercurial via .hg/hgrc. By examining that code and the instructions that come with it, you need to code a "baseurl" in hgrc like this:

    baseurl = http://path/where/repo/is/on/web

    Fog Creek proceeds to comment: "... baseurl ... is the web URL to where the "hg serve" web server is running for the provided repository. If you do not have hg serve running, then although FogBugz will record changesets, the links back from FogBugz will not point anywhere meaningful."

    Examining fogbugz.py reveals they set self.hgurl based on "baseurl" and self.repo.url():

    self.hgurl = self.ui.config('web', 'baseurl', self.repo.url())

    According to their docs, if the URL parameter "sRepo" is set incorrectly then the back-link will be meaningless. I suggest experimenting with "sRepo" and "baseurl" values to find a combination that works.

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