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Issue #1551 invalid

"Upgrading" to the free plan gives a paypal error

Tommy Jensen
created an issue

Upgrading from a paid plan to the free plan redirects to a paypal button and gives an error.

What I expected to see: A notice that at the end of the current billing period my account would revert to the free option

What I saw instead: A button to go to paypal to pay (wtf, seing as the free plan is - well - free)

Steps to reproduce: Login to an account on the amature plan. Click Plans in the menubar at the top of the window Click on the choose button below the free column.

Comments (4)

  1. Eirik Stavem

    We have now added some text to the page you get to if you press "Choose" on the free plan. You have to cancel the subscription from Paypal, and then you'll be automatically moved to the free plan at the end of the payment cycle.

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