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Issue #1554 resolved

Collapse multiple consecutive follows/unfollows into one news item

Steve Losh
created an issue

Some people don't seem to understand the "one click per link" concept of the internet: http://twitpic.com/lk86m

Would it be possible to collapse consecutive follow and unfollow events by the same user for the same repo into one news item to avoid cluttering the news feed?

Comments (7)

  1. Simeon Visser

    An alternative would be to be more explicit about the result of clicking on the link. For example, on Wikipedia you can watch (follow) a page but in addition to a changing link, a textual confirmation appears that shows that you're actually following it now. On Bitbucket, only the icon and text change but perhaps this is not explicit enough.

  2. Alexander Solovyov

    This actually happens not because someone is too dumb to understand that link worked, but because if you click on this link when you're not logged in, bitbucket redirects you to login page, which subsequently redirects you to a follow link, which is then redirected to itself in loop.

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