pipeline script - bundle install "Could not locate Gemfile"

Issue #15542 resolved
Tushar Jadhav created an issue

While confering the pipeline for ruby script, I am getting "Could not locate Gemfile" error. Kindly look into issue.

image: ruby:2.4.0
    - step:
          - ruby - v
          - bundle install

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  1. Kenny MacLeod staff

    Hi Tushar. I can reproduce your error without using Pipelines, by running docker run -it ruby:2.4.0 bash and then bundle install. This isn't a problem with Pipelines, but rather a problem either with the docker image that you're using, or the command that you're running.

    I suggest asking for advice on how to use this docker image on the community pages for the ruby docker images, or on the Pipelines community pages

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