Have the ability to purge sensitive data from pipelines logs

Issue #15567 open
Yana Bazulina
staff created an issue

Sometimes the user would make a commit and run a build on that commit and realize that they have committed sensitive data in plain text. They would then subsequently delete the commit or the file/files and re-write repo history to remove the data from the repo. However that will not affect the run pipelines and that information will still be available through pipelines build. Would be good to add functionality to allow the user to purge the information somehow or allow them to delete builds if possible.

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  1. Matt Ryall staff

    Purging logs is something we have some internal functionality for, so exposing this to customers would be a good improvement. We'll see when we can fit it in.

  2. Avi Zimmerman

    I'd like to add a +1 to this. Not because of sensitive data, but for the purpose of running tests with the bitbucket API. I like to post "build" notifications for things that happen outside of pipelines, as sort of an "additional build" (e.g. a manually run integration test or something). So this isn't specifically about pipelines for me, but has to do with the "build statuses" you get from it.

    Upon first playing with the API I was getting my head around using the buildKey parameter and I've created builds in the console that are now forever stuck as in "In Progress", while an additional build was created as "Successful". From a purely aesthetic standpoint, it would be nice to go back and delete those "builds" that are in limbo.

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