Ability to use Service account on Bitbucket Cloud

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Kevin Shu
created an issue

There is no way to correctly implement a service account on Bitbucket Cloud.

Formerly, SSH keys on team/organization account could be used for this purpose, but for some time now, the server is emitting this sort of warnings

remote: Warning!
remote: You are currently connecting with your team account.remote: This is no longer supported, so please connect using your user account.

The recommended way of providing automation seems to be using SSH Access keys, but these only allow Read-Only access, no write access.

Asking on the Atlassian Community, the only answer I got was to use my personal account as a service account, which is unsatisfactory.

Please provide SSH Access keys with read-write access on Bitbucket Cloud.

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  1. Victoria Shaile

    I thought my nightmare of pushing from a CI was over when I added a ssh key to the organisation. Instead I get a silly error.

    I really don't want to have to manage a ghost bitbucket account to add ssh keys to, to get CI to work.

  2. Paolo Denti

    Totally agree with the issue. the Atlassian answer is, technically speaking, nonsense. Exposing all the existing repos in an automated process because of using the personal key is nonsense. We are all taking extreme care of our personal keys, encrypted disks, every possible measure, and the suggestion is to use the personal key for automated processes? whoa.

    I understand they want paid users even for automated processes / CI (even if they are ghost ones, just don't care as long they are paying)

  3. Filipe Souza

    This will be a major point to migrate from Bitbucket Cloud if stops working. It's useless manage a simple account just to pay for one more user for CI automation

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