Email notification for failed scheduled pipelines

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Jefferson Fermo
created an issue

As a operator I want to be notified by email when a scheduled task failed to execute So that I can execute the task manually.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi Jefferson,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Currently we do not send email notifications for scheduled pipelines. I'll open this issue so we can keep track of this request and also to gauge the interest of other users on this functionality. However, the team are currently working on higher priority features so it is unlikely that we'll be working on this anytime soon.


  2. Jim Brännlund

    This really should've been part of the MVP. How else am I supposed to know what's going on with my pipelines? The Slack notifications are not granular enough (and far from everyone uses Slack).

  3. Robert Li

    I agree that this is part of basic functionality for scheduled pipelines. We use them for static analysis tools, and we need to know when they fail. What do you propose as an alternative?

    Moreover, it's very unclear that I will not get notified for scheduled pipelines. I'm watching the repository and subscribed to "all pipelines". I didn't realize that my scheduled pipeline was failing and I just wasn't getting notified until I happened to go to the pipelines page for a different issue.

  4. Martin Lacasse

    Same for us here... our scheduled builds where failing since 1 month and didn't get notified at all. This should really be part of the MVP...

    Since the scheduled pipelines takes the same "revision comment" than the latest commit build, I was expecting that the user that did the latest commit was at least getting notified but it it not the case...

    Big issue here, top priority for us. Thanks for listening to your paying subscribers...

  5. Mike Crittenden

    +1 from me. We have a nightly pipeline that does a deploy, and we have no way of being notified if the deploy failed. This is a pretty annoying problem - no one wants to just manually check each morning because there's a 1% chance it might have failed.

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