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With a previous version of bitbucket, when you first arrive at a repository landing page, the would be front and center. Now you see your source code folder structure with the readme underneath. This doesn't look good (or professional). Is there a way to fix this?

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  1. Laurie Nevay

    I agree. I didn't even realise the was actually under the source code as even with a small repository it's not visible. I really dislike the comments beside the file structure a la github as this make little sense when a commit message was made for a file deep in the hierarchy. It's baffling and messy. Also, the branches are visible - why would you want the branch version of a landing page?

    From the settings of the repository, you can now create an entire wiki sub repository or use the 'overview' as the landing page from what I can tell (these are the closest to just displaying the

    Please can there be a way to just have the as the landing page as before.

    There could be a single button or link to the source code / branches (in case external users don't know your symbols on the menu bar on the left).

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