All commits with issues ID will create comment in issue

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Ladislav Soukup
created an issue

Hi, When commit message contains issues number (#123) and word fixed, a comment is made on the issue with commit number (and issues is closed).

It would be nice if any mention of issue number in commit message will create a comment on the issue with a link to that commit. The perfect state will be that the comment on the issue will also include the commit message.

This could be an optional feature, but I would really like it.

We have a practice of making commit messages like:

"Working on XYZ to allow #123 in future" or "XYZ linked to #123 and #321"

It would be nice to see all those commits linked from the issue. Yeah... We are using issues more like roadmap / planned features and often more than one commit is needed to fully resolve the issue. Also, our issues are synced to Asana where a manager can track the progress... With this comments, he/she can see that something is happening about that "task" (issue) without devs needed to comment manually.

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