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Marco Massenzio
created an issue

For the reasons stated in this Forum comment:

it would really be useful to either have a setting that enables running pipelines automatically on PR, or, second best option, have a "Run Pipelines" button on a PR that allows the submitter to run that.

This is particularly useful for either accounts limited to 50 min free runs (which quickly run out if used on ALL branches) or even for paying users who may not want to use them needlessly.

I also think it makes good developer practice to only review PRs that pass the tests; it makes no sense to review faulty code.

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  1. Steve Taylor

    The manual option isn’t very useful. We already have that. The automatic option (via a bitbucket-pipelines.yml rule for pull requests) is much needed. [skip ci] in comments feels like a hack and is easy to forget.

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your interest in this issue. As @Max Peterson has said, we're currently tracking this request on issue #13438. I encourage you to vote for that issue, and to comment with your use case, if it is something that you're interested in seeing.


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