Webhooks intermittently not triggered

Issue #15786 open
Pravin Mahendran
staff created an issue

Webhooks are not being triggered intermittently. Currently we're seeing this issue on Mercurial Repositories.

Example :

When a push is made webhooks is not triggered. However a webhook gets triggered after several pushes later. The same happens intermittently for subsequent pushes.


  • This issue appears to be affecting Slack notifications as well. Intermittently, Slack notifications are not being received.
  • Upon further checking of the Webhooks log, there were no events triggered for several commits.

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  1. Станислав Запольский

    We are experiencing the same problem, but we use only git repositories (all of them have one custom webhook with same link). For tens of pushes we got only 3 requests from bitbucket today. But read only webhook from bitbucket works fine (or at least has some logs). Here are two screenshots (one of read only webhook logs and another of our webhook). bitbucket_custom_webhook_logs.png bitbucket_read_only_webhook_logs.png

  2. Станислав Запольский

    It seems that our problem got resolved. We found out that NS records on registrar's servers and our own dns servers were different (but pointed to the same physical servers, just different domains). After we fixed that, bitbucket started to send webhooks again. This is very strange because our setup has been working for months like this and the problem only started last week. Maybe a new check for webhook urls got introduced on bitbucket's side?

  3. Gleb Kolesnikov

    @Alastair Wilkes I don't think the resolution is satisfactory (I guess that's why it was reopened). This ticket is a result of the ticket I raised with support initially. I provided all the details in that support ticket and there was never an outage reported by Bitbucket. We are experiencing the same issues again now since Friday. Is there any progress on this?

  4. Bill Wong

    Gleb is a colleague of mine. To be clear, it is working majority of the time. Occasionally the webhooks will stop working -- our remedy in those scenarios is to push an empty commit and that usually does the trick. Sometimes it doesn't work even with the empty commit and we'd wait until the next day. Right now, we haven't been able to get a webhook to trigger since Friday.

    In the mean time, do you have any documentation on what exactly gets sent in the webhook? We are wondering if we can kick off a build by manually hitting the codeship endpoint via curl or postman.


  5. Matthew Schinckel

    I've seen issues with this again today: I did have a commit trigger a web hook yesterday, but not so far today.

    @Bill Wong I did play around with a previous body, but it was never clear to me exactly what I needed to do to get codeship to trigger the build - there's a lot of data in the web hook body.

  6. Gleb Kolesnikov

    @Matthew Schinckel yeah we were able to utilize Codeship's API directly. The API docs (link above) are pretty good and there is not much data you need to send - just a couple of parameters. Bitbucket has their own integration with Codeship I guess (judging by the API url).

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