Access rights on manually running a pipeline

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Paul Behrendt
created an issue


in my understanding of bitbucket pipelines, the bitbuckets-pipelines.yml that is used for a run, is picked from the branch i run the pipeline on.

So lets say i have a "feature1"-branch, if i manually trigger a pipeline, it will be the version of the "feature1" > bitbucket_pipelines.yml.

Isn't this some kind of insecure in terms of people with write access can echo my environment variables just by modifying and manually running a pipeline?

So i can only give write access to the repo to somebody who is allowed to access server environments too?

And how am i supposed to secure my production deployment pipeline against running them manually on lets say "feature1"-branch and deploying feature1?

I mean, i am limiting write access to my master branch via branch permissions, but this seems not to hold anybody from deploying to my production environment.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey Paul,

    We're currently tracking the request to restrict who can run deployment pipelines on issue #13676. I encourage you to vote for that issue, and to comment with your exact use case, if it is something that you're interested in.


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