"Your Work" page "Broken Builds" does not show anything

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Ben Tatham
created an issue

On the new "Your Work" landing page, there is an option to show "Broken Builds". I cannot find any docs on this, so perhaps it is just not done yet, but it seems to do nothing.

What are we supposed to see with that? It sounds very promising, and perhaps a partial answer to a Pipelines broken builds dashboard (assuming it can be configured to show your entire team's broken builds, and not just a single user's)

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  1. Alastair Wilkes staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi Ben -

    It's meant to hide PRs whose head commits have any build statuses that are FAILED. The idea is to let you filter them out since the PR author may still have some work to do.

    Is this not what you're seeing?


  2. Ben Tatham reporter

    Oh, I misunderstood what it was for. I thought it was to show a list of broken builds. I see you added a little header to the list to make it more clear it is about hiding PRs.

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