Allow restoring orphaned commits by adding a tag or branch

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Joost den Boer
created an issue

I just ran into this case: a branch was renamed from using '-' to '_' (because a docker tag apparently cannot have '-'). After renaming the new branch was pushed and the branch with old name was removed from origin.
However, the pc from which this was done was not up-2-date and therefore some commits from the branch were lost.

The lost commits could be retrieved via the bitbucket pipeline since that links to the commit which was build. Unfortunately, there is no way in BitBucket to add a label to this commit, either a tag or branch, to make these lots commits available again.

In contrast to other non-orphan commits, the commit view does not allow adding a tag to the commit. That might be a simple change which would make 'those-who-lost-commits' live a lot simpler.
Or, allow making a branch from a commit.

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