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Michał Mięsiak created an issue

I have a README.rst file in my project, around 600 lines. The file is always rendered correctly when I access the file directly on Bitbucket, but in the project's or a branch's overview it is rendered in only about half of the cases. I just keep on refreshing the page and the rendering is either there or not, seems random to me. Why is this happening? People that want to see the overview of my project often stumble upon this broken rendering and I keep on receiving complaints about broken documentation. Whereas it's just enough to refresh the Bitbucket's project overview page 2-3 times.

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

In order to ensure that it's not because of some complicated markup, I extracted the simplest part of my document and multiplied it several times, so that I have a resulting .rst file of about 1200 lines (but without complicated markup). I attach this file to the issue, so that you can test.

If it's not the right place to report this problem, please tell me where to go.

Thank you very much!

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