Viewing unicode INI files with new navigator (BBCDEV-9786)

Issue #15848 open
Andrew Truckle created an issue

If I view a unicode INi file with the new navigator it does not display corectly. But it is fine with the old navigator.

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  1. Amber Van Hecke staff

    Hi Andrew, Can you do me favor and submit a ticket to the following address. In addition, can you please mention my name on the ticket, I want to ensure it gets forwarded to me. I have some questions about your repository that you may not want to answer in a public forum.

    Feel free to link this issue to the support ticket. Thank you very much. In the meantime, I am going to close this issue.

  2. Pravin Mahendran staff
    • changed status to open

    We have identified that this was caused by files being saved in UTF-16 encoding. Bitbucket currently decodes files with UTF-8 Encoding. Files may not be able to display properly if they are in a saved with a different encoding other than UTF-8. We are investigating this issue internally. We will provide an update on this ticket, once it's resolved.

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