Give Feedback button is not working and Keyboard shortcuts are broken in new UI

Issue #15851 closed
Yana Bazulina staff created an issue

When you try to access the Feedback form from the Dashboard/overview or Project or repos view page, the redirect URL seems to be missing and clicking on the button doesn't do anything.

Customer advised that: " individual projects keyboard shortcuts don't work and give feedback doesn't work on those also" When the new UI is enabled in the Labs on the account "New source browser experience" the keyboard shortcuts functionality is broken in the new UI

The workaround available for now is : turn off the "New source browser experience" to switch back to the old view

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  1. Keith Nicholas

    It isn't fixed by turning labs off, only in some locations does that help. the MAIN dashboard is broken and no keyboard shortcuts work

  2. Olaf Krische

    Is there any work on this? For example, it is pretty cumbersome to navigate a lot of repositories, if one can not start the search for a repository from the home page right away.

  3. Jesse Byler

    Turning off the "New Source Browser Experience" did not fix the feedback button for me. Feedback button is still broken, even with that feature flag turned off.

  4. Alastair Wilkes

    Hi y'all,

    There are a couple of things going on here.

    Feedback button

    For now, we’ve removed the “Give feedback” button in the global navigation bar. That button was actually a holdover from the rollout of the new navigation experience that wasn’t originally designed to be a permanent solution. While we’re definitely not opposed to providing a global button, for now we think it’s better to unship this broken experience and instead rely on the feedback buttons that accompany all new major features (like the new source browser and the new editor).

    Keyboard shortcuts

    1. At one point, all keyboard shortcuts were broken. That is now fixed - you can once again hit SHIFT + / to see all available keyboard shortcuts for that page.
    2. Some keyboard shortcuts (including ., also known as omnibar) are not available on some pages in Bitbucket. We are trying to align search patterns across Atlassian right now, and the omnibar is stuck in limbo as we figure out how best to proceed. I'll admit that the current UX is not great, and for that I apologize. In the meantime, you can use global search (which can be invoked with /) to quickly navigate between repositories.

    Bitbucket PM

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