STDERR: ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable

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Adrian Blaga created an issue

AWS deployments are failing (Frankfurt region).

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  1. Adrian Blaga reporter

    Apparently the problem comes from Amazon:

    Thank you for contacting AWS Premium Support. My name is Akash and I will be assisting you with this case today.
    I understand that you are facing connectivity issues with your I can confirm that at the moment, there seems to be an underlying problem with our networking infrastructure, which manages the connection to from Frankfurt and Mumbai regions, and this is being treated with the utmost urgency by our internal teams. As soon as we have more information it will be relayed to you.
    I apologize for the downtime and thank you for your patience while we go about restoring the service.
    I will post a response on the case, as soon as I receive more information on this issue. Your patience on this matter would be highly appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Akash S.
    Amazon Web Services
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