New source browser experience hanging

Issue #15903 open
Glenn Eddleman
created an issue

I enabled the New Source Browser Experience. When I go to view the source code, I can drill down thru our directories and see the files in a folder with 178 files. However, whenever I try to access a folder with 495 files, the working circle icon just spins. It has been spinning for more than 20 minutes. I get the same results in both IE and Chrome. I have also tried it in multiple of our Mercurial repositories.

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  1. Amber Van Hecke staff

    Hi Glenn, We released several fixes that should have addressed some of the issues you are experiencing. Can you confirm if you are still having the problem? In addition, did you experience poor load times with the old source browser experience?

    Thank you for reporting issues you experience, it helps us address problems faster.

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