Unable to view folder containing the pound sign / hash sign in Bitbucket web interface

Issue #15906 resolved
Anton Ivanov created an issue

When I open a URL like this:


I get an error message in the browser:

Hmm... can't find that one

That file or directory doesn’t exist. Go back to the previous page and try another one.

The header of the page is showing the folder name as "C" instead of "C#", which could be related to the issue.

I have the "New source browser experience" enabled in Bitbucket Labs settings.

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  1. Amber Van Hecke staff

    Hey Anton, thank you for reporting this issue. We have added the ticket to the top of our list and we will be addressing it this sprint. I will report back to you as soon as a fix is released.

  2. Tyler Tadej staff

    @anton_hk , are you still experiencing this issue? It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting it.

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