Lost History in File, while PR history shows otherwise

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Kevin Johnson created an issue


I committed a PR that updated a number of files, and merged the PR into our dev branch. Looking at the history of the files, it shows that nothing was ever committed, yet the PR history clearly shows it has been.

One of many examples in this PR is that we added a line: app.use(morgan('tiny', {immediate: true})

Here is the PR (at the middlewares section): https://bitbucket.org/cargilldigital/disco-api/pull-requests/32/cleaned-up-api-logging/diff#chg-lib/libs/middlewares.js

but here is the history of the middleware.js file: https://bitbucket.org/cargilldigital/disco-api/history-node/78eef501de9bb3f997050ea6ec3d0bede0db6f57/lib/libs/middlewares.js?at=dev

Please help me understand what happened. There were no reverts done to the code.

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