Add folders to bitbucket downloads

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Eric Fischer
created an issue

When deploying to Bitbucket downloads it would be very useful to create folders, eg. for different build version. See my question here:

The feature could be very useful if you want to upload the artifact and a log file to Downloads under a certain build number.

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  1. Eric Fischer reporter

    Use the command mkdir to create one while building your main project. You pipeline config could look like:

              - git clone
              - cd demo
              - git checkout master
              - mkdir ${BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER}
              - cd ..
              - mv "artifact.txt" "demo/${BITBUCKET_BUILD_NUMBER}/artifact.txt"
              - cd demo
              - git config "${ARCHIVE_COMMITTER_EMAIL}"
              - git config "${ARCHIVE_COMMITTER_NAME}"
              - git add --all
              - git commit -m "Build"
              - git push
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