No easy way keep Valid IP addresses for up-to-date in Bamboo triggers

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Phil Rittenhouse
created an issue

We use Bitbucket cloud to trigger Bamboo server jobs and as such changes to the IP addresses (like the recent addition of,, require changes to our trigger IP addresses in order to keep everything working.

According to "These IP addresses could change at any time. You can watch this page or our blog for updates. Our DNS entry is the trusted source of information for our current IP. " It seems unreasonable to force users to constantly seek out this information. Why not offer a subscription email specifically for these alerts?

Even with advanced notification, manually updating all Bamboo server triggers can be a significant effort. It would be much better if this could be automated. Amazon's web services offer such a tool for keeping our firewall rules up-to-date, perhaps something similar could be added to Bamboo server?

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