Send HipChat notifications when specified file was modified

Issue #15979 closed
Maciej Płocki created an issue

Should be possibile to send notification (ex. to hipchat channel) when specified file (swagger.yml for example) was changed (pushed to repo).

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  1. Matt Ryall

    Thanks for the request, Maciej.

    Can you give a bit more information about why this would be useful for you? It would help to understand your use-case a bit more so we can decide how best to address it.

    You can configure notifications to HipChat and Slack for all pushes to a repository, but filtering based on files changed is currently something you'd need to implement yourself as a custom integration.

  2. Maciej Płocki

    I just want to notify my frontend dev when swagger documentation was changed all other notifications are useless in my needs

  3. aneita staff

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out and raise this ticket.

    In mid-2018, we announced that we will be discontinuing both Hipchat and Stride.

    Because of the strength of our integrations, we're encouraging customers to move to Slack. Atlassian's partnership with Slack will include co-built native integrations of Slack within our product family, creating a seamless teamwork experience.

    Given this ticket was a request for Bitbucket and HipChat/Stride, I'm going to close this ticket. However, if this ticket concerns an improvement that you would like to see in the Bitbucket and Slack integration, feel free to reopen this ticket.

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