Something went wrong while creating your pull request.

Issue #16020 resolved
Volkan Güven created an issue

Pull request suddenly stopped functioning.

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  1. Bilal Hanif

    Yes, it is not working for me either.

    It is giving 500 while creating or creates successfully but the task is not completed, I have the task id which is not being completed

  2. Miroslav Psitek

    We have the same issue. It is not even possible to merge existing PR.

    Someone increase the priority please. It is blocking us heavily! Thanks.

  3. Josh Bode

    I also have just observed this issue when updating a PR with a second commit. Refreshing the page or editing the PR (as suggested in the error message: "Try refreshing this page or editing the pull request directly") does not resolve the issue.

  4. Ilyess Zenasni

    Same problem here ;-)

    Tried to merge a PR, then it failed. After that, I cannot access to branches view or merge any PR.

  5. Jim Lin

    Jesus! I have failed in creating PR over and over again and I got this 'Something went wrong while creating your pull request.'.

    Someone please fix it.

  6. Max Ma
    • Cannot create PR
    • Cannot merge existing PR
    • Cannot view Branches page (ERR: Something went wrong)
    • Cannot view Profile page (ERR: Something went wrong)
  7. Team Siddsoft

    I am not able to create pull request.

    Also in dashboard it is show last updated as 14 min, but recent activity showing as 5 days ago.

  8. Alastair Wilkes

    Hi y'all,

    This issue was related to an incident that has now been resolved. Our apologies for the inconvenience; thank you for your patience.


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