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Issue #1604 resolved

Incorrect user identification.

Anonymous created an issue

I created a new Hg projected at home and used the username tstone to check in some changes. Later, I uploaded the repository to bitbucket. When doing so, I had to create a user account (tstone2077). When I uploaded, it says that bitbucket's user tstone had contributed to the project.

The example of this can be found at http://bitbucket.org/tstone2077/svnautomaticgatekeeper./ tstone (my pre-bitbucket account) created the first 3 revisions.

Comments (4)

  1. Asaf Yishai

    I have a similar problem. Me and a friend have a private repository, the friend uploaded a change but it looks like the change was written by someone else, that have no permission to our repository !

  2. Fabian Büchler

    I found, that if you specify your bitbucket username as the username in your local respository's .hg/hgrc file in the [ui] section, and then push your changes to bitbucket, the username will be displayed correctly.

    in /home/you/repository/.hg/hgrc add:

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