Can not create repository - already exists (but it does not!)

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Borek Hanzl created an issue

Hello, me and my colleagues have problems creating new repository called under team blueghostcz.

When i try to create the repository i get an error stating that blueghostcz already has a repository with this name.

The problem is that if the repo already exists it is not searchable in the left menu and it can not even be viewed at the url or

We believe that the repository does not exist and we should be able to create one.

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  1. Garth Smith

    I am experiencing this bug as well.

    When I first attempted to create a "FileUtility" repo, it failed. I don't remember if there was an error message and I did not take a screenshot. I apologize!

    Now, I am unable to create a "FileUtility" repo. The error I receive is such a repo already exists, even though it is not on our repo list. I am an administrator on this Bitbucket account.

    Thanks for looking at this! - Garth

  2. Borek Hanzl reporter

    for me, the problem was resolved. I have found out that the repository already existed. By fixing this issue i was able to view it under it's url. I suggest you to double check if the repository already exists.

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff
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    Removing component: Repository import and creation (automated comment)

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