Pipeline MySQL service no longer work

Issue #16133 resolved
Khánh Phan
created an issue

I run pipeline for my project two months ago and everything OK but today it not working. I can't connect to MySQL service (through code). I didn't change any code before.

Note: I try to use command netstat -nplt and see just only redis port is listening, no mysql port.

Please check this function, and if it not a bug, please tell me what can I do to fix the problem.

Thank you.

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  1. Oliver Kusche

    If you're referring to the MySQL service simply through

          image: mysql

    then since the recent public release of MySQL 8.0, you're getting that, which apparently introduces some behavior different from prior versions.

    In order to use a specific version of MySQL, use a tag:

          image: mysql:5.7.22
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