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Pavel created an issue

Hi. Unfortunately, for many months does not work correctly on all providers of Kazakhstan. But if several months ago only one of three IP-addresses of the domain was blocked (, then approximately two weeks our providers blocked access to all IP-addresses of the domain (,, Here is the official response of the Ministry of Information of Kazakhstan: , , (use Google Translate). In short - our Ministry found on the signs of propaganda of narcotic drugs (yes, that's funny). And they are trying to find contacts with the administration of the website (maybe even a legal address to send a letter by post, we can expect anything). Maybe someone of the support team can write them a message and ask what they want to delete? Their contacts are here:

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    We need you bitbucket. I change everyday/ hours proxy. And use 2 browsers instead of one

  2. Pavel reporter

    The Ministry refuses to provide links to the illegal content in their opinion "for the purpose of information security" (

    Между тем, в целях информационной безопасности предоставления ссылки на противоправный контент не представляется возможным.

    I was contacted by Butbucket support and they informed me that they sent instruction about what to do to remove illegal content to the contact e-mail address of the ministry. We can also try to send a message (in Russian) with this link to the contacts listed in the first message ( and ask them to send a complaint to

  3. Ilya Shurumov

    Looks like The Ministry finally has been unblocked the IP addresses, it's accessible now. Please double check.

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