Unable to get recent commits from Bitbucket repo

Issue #16166 resolved
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I created a branch using Bitbucket cloud. Then I went to my two laptops and ran 'git fetch' and 'git checkout new-branch'. I can successfully see the new branch.

On laptop A, I make some changes commit them then I push them to the origin using 'git push -u origin new-branch'. I can see them under commits on bitbucket.org.

Then when I go to Laptop B and run 'git fetch' says up to date. run 'git pull'. Says already up to date. I cannot pull down the latest commits from the branch.

Go back to bitbucket.org and the commits are still listed there. If I create a new branch then go and fetch it on Laptop B. If I run 'git pull' on that old branch it will now return the commits I was missing.

Is there an issue with Bitbucket Cloud is not pushing down new commits unless new branch is created.

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