Bitbucket Notebook Viewer unable to render with New Source Browser feature enabled

Issue #16205 resolved
Pravin Mahendran staff created an issue

With the feature "New Source Browser experience" enabled, Bitbucket Notebook Viewer is not able to render correctly. It gives an error "Unable to render notebook" and there is an Internal Server Error on the console. Screenshot as below.


  • Click Avatar at bottom left corner of the Bitbucket Page
  • Click "Bitbucket Labs"
  • On the feature "New Source Browser experience", click the slider to disable it
  • Notebook Viewer should be able to render properly.


Comments (6)

  1. TJ Kells staff

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look at this ASAP but Im guessing something is mildly different about the file contents data shape that needs to be accounted for in the API

  2. Sean Conaty staff

    This issue of the 500 has been fixed. However, with this particular addon, it appears that there is now a bug with the iframe resizing. The iframe window is smaller than you'd expect but you can still see all of its contents by scrolling.

  3. Krish Ravindranath

    The iframe resizing bug seems to have been fixed- I can now see the full window on my browser.

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