Can't view pull request, page keeps refreshing

Issue #16206 resolved
Elliott Spira
created an issue

Having issues with two pull requests that I created. Neither I, nor none of the team members can view the page - it is stuck in a constantly refreshing state.

Additionally, when attempting to create this pull request, I get the message "We couldn't load the diff If you'd like to continue, you can still create the pull request without seeing the diff."

See the video attached.

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  1. Vural Acar

    For the people facing this issue, create a new branch and merge the branch (Which caused the problem) to the new branch and merge the new branch to your master branch. The problem will be fixed.

  2. Max Podriezov

    I just had this problem, fixed by modifying the pull request name. My previous has text like this "delay 5 sec". I hope the issues with refreshing is is not related with this :)

  3. Ahmed Hamodi

    I just ran into this issue... I instead opened it up on Safari and it loaded perfectly. Still having the constant refreshing on Chrome. Have not checked with Firefox/Opera/IE/Edge/others, but feel free to try those. Very weird bug!

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