Unable to access Bitbucket pipelines

Issue #16225 resolved
Daniel Osaetin
created an issue

Since Monday, I've been unable to access bitbucket pipelines, I have two accounts (A company account and a personal account). I'm experiencing the same issue on both of them.

When I click on pipelines. all I see is a blank page.

When I viewed the console, this is the error message I can see. I believe this prevents any content from showing up.

The weird thing, is that my other teammates don't have this Issue, they can access pipelines normally. I'm the only one experiencing this.

Another weird thing is that It works on another laptop. I signed in to a windows laptop earlier in the day and I didn't get this error.

My current computer is a Linux machine

I've attached an Image to show the blank page and the error in the console (I can reveal more details about the project if needed)

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