I'm trying to implement the Bitbucket oauth in Node JS. But I need to know how can we use refresh token?

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Nithya S created an issue

Also I refer your Bitbucket API documentation for refresh token BitBucket api documentation for Refresh token. It's quite confusing.Below the API Call for Refresh token.

$ curl -X POST -u "client_id:secret" https://bitbucket.org/site/oauth2/access_token \ -d grant_type=refresh_token -d refresh_token={refresh_token}

Here you are mentioning {refresh_token}. I don't know how can I pass the value in that without getting refresh _token value. Where can I get the refresh token? How can I use the refresh token? Because the access token will be expire in 1 hour. So that I have to use refresh token. Can anybody help me out?

Also I tried run that API. I put access token as refresh_token value. But I got the response in body like below.

body: '{"error_description": "Unsupported grant type: None", "error": "invalid_grant"}' }

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