Put pipeline on hold/pause

Issue #16256 resolved
Dror Latman created an issue

Let us option to change pipeline to hold/pause so it won't run until status is changed to run.

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  1. Dror Latman reporter

    We are using call to hardware that not exist on bitbucket so every commit produce error. For now i just rename the yaml file.

  2. Aneita Yang staff

    Hi Dror,

    You can define custom pipelines in your bitbucket-pipelines.yml file. Custom pipelines do not automatically execute when you push to your repository. Instead, you can choose when to run them for either a specific commit or the head of a branch, once all of your other software / hardware is ready.

    Does this suit your workflow?


  3. Dror Latman reporter

    Thanks for the answer. Custom pipelines are the solution for us. Well, our pipeline should be: read all the documents before asking for new feature but that was on hold 😀 Dror

  4. Aneita Yang staff

    Glad to hear that custom pipelines is what you're looking for! Let us know if you have any additional feedback.

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