Bitbucket Invitation Email doesn't allow signup to Bitbucket (Only on AID)

Issue #16270 closed
Mark Cerezo staff created an issue


When I invite a new user to my repository > Settings > User and group access.
The new user receives the invitation email.
When the new user accepts the invitation, it allows the new user to signup on
However, it only allows the new user to signup on, there's no redirect or options for the new user to signup for

The tendency is that I will need to ask the new user to signup to manually and re-add the new user to the repository group based on the new user's created username.

How to Replicate

  1. Invite a new user to a repository
  2. Accept the invitation via email
  3. Sign up to (from the invitation email)
  4. Verify the email sent via email (from


Ask a new user to signup to and first before inviting to the repository.

Comments (5)

  1. Alastair Wilkes staff

    I believe this is an Atlassian only issue.

    If you are a customer and you run into this, mention me so I can reopen this.

  2. Lakshminarayanan Krishnan Account Deactivated

    @Alastair Wilkes Yes - I am an Atlassian and Bitbucket customer, and yes I am facing this issue everytime. This issue was raised by Mark on my behalf.

  3. Alastair Wilkes staff

    Thanks for the update @lnkrishnan. Darn!

    Unfortunately, we're not able to reproduce this issue, so I think we'll need to inspect the contents of the invitation links in the emails you're receiving to make sure that the redirect to accept the repository invitation isn't broken. Obviously, those links shouldn't be published publicly, so it would be great if you could open a support ticket at so may investigate personally.

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