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my last commits on some projects have "mos2025" as user

my account name is "zedseries" and the projects involved are:

  • zedseries-imex
  • zedseries_help_system
  • zedseries_help_system_reader

an example of what I mean:

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  1. Jesper Noehr
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    Can you guys provide some changesets so I can sample them? It's most likely due to the fact that you haven't filled out your ~/.hgrc files correctly.

    Please fill them out as such:

    username = Firstname Lastname <your@email.address>
  2. Chris Beaven

    I'm pretty sure it's related to the user committing not having entered their email address, looking at the equivalent log from the command line show "Joe Bloggs <>"

    Related, the rss updates say those changesets are from None.

    Still, showing a random user isn't really the correct behavior, even if people's username isn't entered with an email.

  3. Jesper Noehr

    Actually, it turns out that mos2025 had signed up without an email address, and thus a lot of people were thought to be him.

    I've entered a bogus email address for his account now, and these mis-associations should stop happening. We are working on better identity management, too.

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