Pipelines Environment Variables - View Change History

Issue #16301 open
Blake Laroux created an issue

It would be useful to access change history for Environment Variables for Pipelines.

At the moment there is no visibility of changes made to the Environment Variables.

This is particularly an issue at the moment due to how easy it is to accidentally delete Environment Variables (see Issues 15940 & 16002). If there was visibility of change history, it would make it easier to determine which Env Var was accidentally been deleted, particularly when a repository has a large number of Environment Variables (I have accidentally deleted Env Vars quite a few times and not even realized which one I deleted).

Implementation of this enhancement, enhancement #16300 and issue #15940 would improve the user experience of Pipelines Environment Variables.

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  1. aneita staff

    Hi @laroux0b,

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion. We've recently resolved #15940 - users must now confirm that they want to delete their environment variable.

    With the resolution of #15940, is this request and #16300 still important to you? If so, can you please elaborate on your use cases for both?


  2. aneita staff

    Hey @laroux0b,

    I haven't heard back so I'm going to close this issue off for now. Please feel free to reopen this issue if it is something that you're still interested in.


  3. Blake Laroux reporter

    Hi @aneita,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I would like this one to remain open if possible. The use case is that there is currently no auditing available on the environment variables. This may become an issue when we go through our next audit.

    A viewable/exportable history should satisfy audit requirements. It would also be useful to see when something changed if we are investigating defects etc.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks Blake

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