Blame button seems to be missing

Issue #16318 resolved
Martin Amm
created an issue

"suddenly" the Bitbucket UI seems to have lost the Blame button

how can I switch to "blame" view ?

for me it's a blocker as I cannot see who made a change

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  1. Bryan Haskin

    It looks like it has been renamed to Annotate. Which is a mistake. Blame is an established term already. Most users have not idea what Annotate means/is. In fact the only reason I found this issue is because an engineer was confused on what happened to blame.

    After all the command is git blame and not git annotate.

    Looks like this is a PC move due to the possible negative connotation of the word blame.

  2. Martin Amm reporter

    Thank you Bryan - you solved it. They now use the proprietary term "Annotate". Quite disappointing that nobody from Atlassian managed to answer within 3 days ...

  3. Andrew Lundquist

    I agree - this is NOT resolved. I also wasted time looking and googling and thankfully eventually came across this, but I would have never thought to check under Annotate. That makes no sense. It should be changed back to Blame.

  4. Pieter van Kampen

    +1. Blame has a negative meaning, but according to the Cambridge US English dictionary, Annotate means:to add notes or remarks on a piece of writing. Clearly, you are not able to add notes. So it should not have been changed, and Annotate is the wrong word to indicate who changed it with what commit.

    Please change this back.

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