Option to clone from mirror not visible with New Source Browser feature enabled

Issue #16321 open
Pravin Mahendran
staff created an issue

With the New Source Browser beta feature enabled, users are not able to see the option to clone from Bitbucket Mirror. Disabling this beta feature is the current workaround to have that option.


  1. Navigate to Bitbucket Settings >> Labs
  2. Disable the feature "New Source Browser experience by clicking the slider
  3. Refresh the repository and click "Overview" tab and you should be able to see the option to select Bitbucket Mirror.

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  1. Charles Barnes

    The workaround does not work for me. The New Source Browser was not enabled when I went to the page, but even when I enabled it, I didn't notice any changes.

    I disabled it, but don't see the "Overview" anywhere on the repo page. If it is the front page, I still can't see where the mirror address would be, as it looks the same as before.

    Is there anyway to manually determine the local address for ssh pull/fetch? I left all of the ports default when installing the mirror, and tried playing around with potential names and ports, but couldn't figure it out.

    I see in the log file that it says "Authentication failed for fetch from 'https://[bitbucket repo url]', refreshing authentication token and retrying" so I don't know if it just can't figure out how to authenticate or if there is something else going on.

  2. Tyler Tadej staff

    Hi @Charles Barnes

    We have added support for Smart Mirroring Clone URLs in the New Source Browser experience.

    Steps to enable:

    1. Navigate to your Bitbucket Settings and click "Labs"
    2. Enable the feature "New Source Browser experience" by clicking the slider.
    3. Reload the page and visit a source page
    4. Click the Clone button in the upper-right of the screen
    5. The modal should load your Mirror Clone URLs

    Let us know if this is working for you. We appreciate your feedback.

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