Setting a maximum build duration for a pipeline

Issue #16353 resolved
Andreas Motzek created an issue

Yesterday one of my pipelines needed 2 hours until it ran into a limit for the build duration. In my specific case it is clear that the build fails if it runs more than one minute.

It would be good, if users could restrict the maximum build duration theirselfs. I did not find a way to do that, so I suggest that functionality as enhancement.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff
    • changed status to open

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion - I can see why being able to configure a max duration for your builds can be useful.

    We're currently working on higher priority projects so this isn't something that we have plans to work on in the near future. I'll open this ticket for future consideration, and so other users can express their interest on seeing this functionality.


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