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Peter Cresswell
created an issue

Currently, it is not possible to run deployment steps in parallel. I'm not sure why this is but I would certainly like this ability. I currently run multiple environments in production for the same application on AWS EB and would like to deploy to these environments in parallel.

I'm sure there are others that would do something similar.

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  1. Aneita Yang staff

    Hey @pcresswell-doctorcare,

    Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion.

    The reason we currently don't allow parallel deployment steps is because we don't support the concept of deployments to multiple production environments. The Deployments dashboard only supports tracking the single production environment today. While you can deploy to multiple production environments (although not in parallel), and label the deployments steps as deployment: production, the dashboard does not distinguish between the production environments so it is not something that we encourage users to do.

    The inability to track multiple production environments is a limitation that we are aware of and will likely be something that we look at improving as part of #15362. I expect that as part of supporting deployments to additional environments, we will also look at allowing parallel deployments, so I'll close this issue off as a duplicate.

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